Ben Goodman: mixed media sculptor

Artist's Statement:

I find the contrast of the natural and the urban environment intriguing - contrasts of material, form and function. Particularly exciting to me, are examples of the natural environment in the urban landscape. This juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made is a central theme in my work.

The use of found material in my work constitutes a re-ordering of existing objects. It is a process of discovering the unique personality of these objects and to extend their life.

The elegance and the simplicity of natural forms are powerful elements. I am compelled to develop tributes which pay homage to this natural form.

picture of glass/wood/wire/copper sculpture titled  Slice of Life


medium: found wood & copper, slumped glass, wire, wood.

size: 71" tall x 23" wide x 8" deep


medium: sand cast glass - cut, laminated

size: 8" tall x 6" wide x 2" deep

picture of sand cast glass sculpture titled Tribute to the Kiss with water in background
picture of slumped glass sculpture titled Connections #5 with water in background


medium: slumped glass - laminated & sand etched, cast glass

size: 8" tall x 15" long x 8" wide


medium: found wood, cast glass

size: 40" tall x 11" long x 11" wide

image of wood and cast glass sculpture titled  Collaboration #3

An "Artist Profile" written by Gloria Hickey in September, 1996

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