Nature in Her Nakedness by Ben Goodman

"Nature in Her Nakedness"
found wood, cast glass, lumber, steel
44"H x 18" x 18"

Ben Goodman: Lanscape as Canvas

The natural landscape has been a major influence on my work right from the start. It seemed appropriate to photo-document sculptures in an outdoor natural setting. The transition from this influence to actually installing my work out doors seemed to make sense - it works wonderfully!

The abundant space, the contours of the land, the variety of settings, the marriage with natural elements - all combine to complete the aesthetic experience. "Landscape as Canvas" has been a catalyst, serving to position my work as an artist over the past 20 years.

Nature in Her Nakedness - glass detail

I am drawn to the transformations that occur in nature. Transformations that occur through the effects of weather and time, the "mark-making" by animals and insects, the effects of tides on shorelines.

Nature in Her Nakedness - wood detail

Nature in Her Nakedness - back view

Nature in her Nakedness is a tribute to this natural process. This found wood (from a southern Gulf Islands shoreline) seems delicate yet it exudes strength. The texture and form creates sensuous pleasure.

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