A Slice of Life - Ben Goodman

"A Slice of Life"
found wood and copper, bent glass, wire, wood
23" L x 71" H x 8" W

Ben Goodman:
Bodies of Work

When something grabs my attention, I chew on it like a dog with a bone. If the interest stays with me it usually means that I will have a number of responses to the idea so I tend to work in series. Images such as bridges (the Connection series), the beauty of found wood (the Collaboration series) have a strong influence on my work. A series can carry over for several years and overlap with other bodies of work; a change of environment (travel or a move) can refocus the interest that got my attention in the first place. Several of the series I have worked on over the past few years are described in the next sections.

Video Presentation: A Distillation of 20 years of my work


Ben Goodman Landscape Photos I have been observing and photographing natural images for the past twenty years and continue to be captivated by the phenomenon of texture, form and colour, and the architecture of plants and trees in the landscape. There is a story imbedded in these images. It is this hidden story that captures my attention, and my imagination. It is the record of the passage of time and the story of that passage from "then until now" that I seek to capture. These images will sometimes directly inspire my work - at the very least, they become part of my visual language. I am also interested in how made structures - including my own sculptures, can be introduced into the environment to create a new vision that complements the natural landscape.

Landscape Photos


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